Performance Spa Water Quality Tips

These are the best Tips for the Best Spa Experience!

Spa Water Maintenance
"The Basics"

Please Note!
I do not recommend Chlorine or Bromine Chemical Systems! 
They require more maintenance than most users will follow to be effective and your spa experience will include a 
chemical smell and feel! 

If you do use Chemical Systems always use Chemicals made for Spas and Hot Tubs and follow instructions closely and consistently, as recommended by the manufacturer. 

I  highly recommend you do not over-dose chemical use 
I  highly recommend you do not over-dose chemical use 
for any reason
realize that PH is the most important treatment for you to know.
If you feel you have a continuing problem 
the water is discolored or murky  
drain, clean and refill and sanitize your spa, 
Call Performance Spa for Service.



The only Tip you need to know!

"Most cloudy water is a result 
of clogged filters
and imballanced Water!" 

Water Ph is Key to Clear Clean Water!

I highly recommend that you test your water every 3-5 days 
or more often and keep the Water Balanced!

“Balanced water makes for a balanced life.”

A portable Spa or Hot Tub is a sizable investment. 
Unbalanced or high dose chemical use can not only 
make the Spa experience a bad experience, 
shortens the life of the 
Heaters, Pumps and Plumbing. 
This can be expensive premature maintenance to your investment!

Spa Start-up and Refilling Ozone / Silver Sanitizing Systems
Note: Please make sure to turn the power off 
at the Breaker before draining your spa.

Tip! If the Water is really bad Drain, Clean, Rinse, and refill 25% or more
and drain the rinse water. Then refill and Treat the Water with Care
Chemicals and Use "recommended" for Your Best Spa Experience.
Use of Metal Gone: 
This is very important when using very hard water orPrivate Well Water!
While filling your spa add 1 entire bottle of Spa Metal Gone to remove any metals that might be in the water. 

Checking Alkalinity: 
Follow instructions on test strips. Alkalinity reading should be in the 120-180 ppm range. If OK, proceed to next step. If LOW, adjust alkalinity to around 150 ppm using Spa Alkalinity Increaser per label instructions. 
Tip!1 tablespoon will raise alkalinity approximately 10 ppm, come back in 10 minutes, recheck and readjust until it is in balance.
Disolving the Akalinity Increaser in a bucket of water
 to make a solution will help sabalize the Total Alkalinity.

Checking pH: 
Follow instructions on test strips. pH should be between 7.2-7.8. Adjust if necessary up or down by adding either pH Increaser or pH Decreaser. 
Tip!Never add more than 2 tablespoons per 250 gallons at a time, come back in 10 or 15 minutes, 
recheck and readjust until it is in balance.
Use of a Mineral Silver Santizer Cartridge 
(Recommended with Ozonators, but can be a stand alone system) Nature II Frog SystemsSpa Rx Depending on the Spa you own install a new Mineral Silver Cartridge either in the Weir Gate or in the Filter. 
Tip! Use of Silver with an Ozonator will keep your spa sparkling clean and your water will require less maintenance!

 (Always keep Diclor Chlorine on hand for periodic organic clean up 
or after high bather loads.
Non-Chlorine Shock Recommended and Non-Chlorine Shock Recommended and a must with the use of a Silver Sanitizer.
(Follow specific instructions per brand)Non-Chlorine Oxidizer or 
MPS(potassium peroxymonosulfate) is required to activate the Silver Nitrate Cartridge. After each use: Test MPS level with appropriate Test Strip. If low add 1 tbls per 250galsAfter each use
Once a Week: Add 1 tablespoon per 250gals. 
Tip!If you use this shock on a regular basisyou may not have to check the level as often.This will save Test Strips!
Now that we have clean clear sparkling hot waterHere is what you need to do to Keep It That Way!
Weekly Spa Maintenance 
Heavy use: (i.e.: more than 4 times a week usage, twice a day, 2 or more children, parties, etc.) may require extra attention to the water. Call or email with questions if concerned. Chlorine Shock 
Once a week or as needed, shock with Spa “dichlor” Chlorine.         Use approximately 1 tablespoon per 150 gallons of water, 
but more importantly you need to reach a proper shock level 10 minutes after adding, which is indicated by a chlorine reading on your test strips of 5 ppm or higher. 
This will go away overnight. 
Tip! Ideally shocking is best done in the evening before you go to bed, when nobody or no other chemicals go in for about 8 hours.
Check pH 
At least 24 hours after shock, 
check and adjust pH (if needed). 
The reading should be around 7.6. 
Never add more than 2 tablespoons per 250 gallons at a time. If necessary, come back in 10 minutes and recheck and readjust until you reach the correct reading.

Tip! Spa's are fun to use and the kids will love to use them too! 
Remember! The more Bather Load or Use the water gets the more you will have to maintain it! Showering before use is a good idea! You can't pee in the spa and expect it to be easy to maintain.
Monthly Maintenance
Clean Filters: first turn power off to the spa, the carefully remove filters and briefly hose off with a high pressure hose attachment. Spray filter cartridge with a Spa Instant Cartridge Cleaner and let stand for about 10 minutes. Then thoroughly hose offOrRotating Method: Put dirty filter in filter cleaner for 24hrs, rinse and set to dry and store. When finished, replace filter(s) and turn power back on. 
Check Alkalinity 
If necessary, adjust. Follow instructions on test strips. Alkalinity reading should be in the 120-180 ppm range. If OK, proceed to next step. If low, adjust alkalinity to around 150 ppm using Spa Alkalinity Increaser per label instructions. 1 tablespoon will raise alkalinity approximately 10 ppm, come back in 10 minutes, recheck and readjust until it is in balance. 
Check Ozone 
One way is to smell for ozone when you open the cover. Tiny bubbles should always be coming out of the bottom drain. If you have a corona discharge unit (recommended) there should be a slight buzzing sound coming from the ozone unit while the equipment door is open and spa is in normal circulating/heating mode. 
Every Four Months
Clean & Condition the Cover 
Clean your cover with mild soapy water, rinse and dry, then apply 303 Protectant to protect cover from cracking and peeling. We Recommend this as needed.Replace the Silver Nitrate Cartridge: Follow procedure under Start-up and Refilling.Drain, Clean, and Refill your Spa 
If you have followed the instructions above you might be able to extend this recommendation. Let your eyes and nose be your guide, but always every 6 months. If usage is high as mentioned above refills can be every three months or less!
Once a Year
Re-seal wood skirt with sealant 
It is recommended that Superdeck be used for this purpose. It will protect the wood from water and sun damage. Clean and Protect synthetic skirts 
Clean with surface cleaner, rinse throughly and apply 303 Protectant. Wipe with a cloth. Keeping water spotting for sprinklers to a minimum to extend the life of these
Every Two Years
Ozone Maintenance 
replace Ozone tubing check valves and clean ozone injector (if needed) or call for service. 
Every three Years
Replace Filter Cartridges 
Periodic Cleaning of the Filters will make them last for a long time, but about every three years they should be inspected and if needed replaced. It is best to replace with the exact replacement filter.

Now go...
andEnjoy Your Hot Tub! 

Keeping You in Inviting,Crystal Clear 
Hot Water is My Pleasure!